COVID-19 Information

We are delighted to inform you that Tanzania has opened its gates again to international tourism, due to very low Covid cases on the mainland and the islands of Zanzibar and therefore very safe traveling.  All major airlines have resumed flights to Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar, Turkish Airways, Qatar Airways and Etiopian Airlines, just check for the best connection.

We have considered and discussed the matter for a long time, and are now really confident that we can take over the responsibility of reopening our hotel by looking closely what happens on Zanibar and on Tanzania mainland. We are confident that the country’s and our safety measurements are extremely efficient, therefore we are considering us a very low-risk hotel. We at The Zanzibari are of course following all safety protocols from Tanzanian and Zanzibar Health departments, which are based on the World Health Organization recommendations, to ensure a maximum of safety.

When arriving at Zanzibar International Airport, you will find the following procedures:
  • you will be checked for Covid-19 symptoms by measuring temperature
  • you need a valid travel health insurance
  • you do not have to quarantine at arrival and there is currently no requirement for guests to present a COVID-19 test certificate, unless required by the airline or country of departure
  • Travelers are encouraged to apply for online visum before arrival. This takes 10 days, so plan it well in advance. – – Alternatively it is also possible to obtain the visa upon arrival 

Update on COVID-19 testing facilities and prices on Zanzibar

Currently there are 2 hospitals on Zanzibar offering COVID-19 tests:

Migombani testing facility Stone Town – government owned.
Google Maps “Cambridge Charter Academy
The cost of the test is US$ 100 per person (previously US$ 80 per person). To be paid by credit card or cash. Testing is done every day from 07:30 – 17:30. Test results will be available after 72 hours.
You need to supply them with: date of entry, date of departure, address of your hotel in Zanzibar, your telephone number, email address should you wish to receive your certificate by email, copy of your passport, your test payment receipt.
Note: Travellers & drivers or any one in their company must wear masks as they visit the testing centre to protect those working there.
Payment by Visa card or cash is possible:
USD Account: 0708288000. TZS Account:0707968000.
+255 772 502 513 WhatsApp
Tasakhtaa Global Hospital Stone Town – private hospital
The cost of the test is US$ 120 per person. Tests can be paid for at the hospital either in cash or by credit card.
Testing is done Mondays – Saturdays between 08:00 – 11:00. The results will be available within 48-72 hours.
Ms Salha +255 778 679 414 or Ms Anitha +255 683 550 855 one day before you arrive for the test.
Please bring copies of your passport, visa/permit and travel ticket along with you.

Information as of 16 January 2021

Karibuni wote – welcome back to Zanzibar! Paradise awaits you.