The Zanzibari is an idyllic location for a honeymoon, particularly in one of the Frangipane Suites where couples can be cut off completely and indulge themselves in their own beautiful, detached villa, with private beach and plunge pool. We hope to avoid the kind of contractual list of services offered in honeymoon “packages”, and prefer to offer pleasant surprises, at no extra cost, in line with the stylish informality we pride ourselves on. Be surprised by a bottle of fizz appearing at some point, and flowers, in different ways, on different days. Perhaps, there’ll be a five course dinner under the stars; just the two of you hidden away somewhere in the beautiful gardens. Perhaps, you’ll find a little present from the team one day, or Harriet waiting to give you a massage in the spa or your suite. Whatever the trimmings happen to be, what we want most is to create the perfect atmosphere for those wonderful early days of married life.