One of the most notable aspects of East Africa is the warm, comfortable weather that is consistent year round. Zanzibar is located close to the equator, so the tropical climate creates an endless summer. In addition, the coastal location produces cooling sea breezes that make the climate perfectly enjoyable – make sure to bring some shoes with strong soles for walking in the ocean as there can be the occassional piece of coral and sea urchins.


The region enjoys 7-8 hours of sunshine every day so when you add the glorious waters of the Indian Ocean and beautiful beaches you can clearly see why Zanzibar is such an ideal international tourist attraction, no matter what the season. When you come over, don’t forget the factor 50 sun cream and drink plenty of water! The sun is especially strong at the equator and it is not uncommon for fair skinned people to burn within 15 minutes in the midday sun.


The Zanzibar hotels have a different look and feel than in other tourist locations, due to the consistent weather conditions. They often use tropical themes and scenery to create a lush, seaside atmosphere that is uninterrupted by seasonal changes. This kind of climate ensures more beautiful and culturally relevant accommodation for your stay, making a holiday to Zanzibar a fully enriching experience.