The great thing about Zanzibar is that there isn’t a “best” time to visit – the weather is sunny and warm for most of the year. People sometimes mention a rainy season between March and May, and while it does rain, it is not a true rainy season. You’ll occassionally get full days of overcast weather during this time but it is a rarity and the showers usually happen overnight and in the early morning, with the clouds clearing in the afternoon.


The temperature and humidity reaches its peak from February to mid April with temperatures up to 35 degrees celcius and humidity reaching 85% which does make it a bit uncomfortable unless you spend the majority of your time in the swimming pool or ocean!


A lot of guide books and websites advise against travelling to Zanzibar between March and May but the savvy traveller will find that it is one of the best times to visit. The weather is still great, but the prices are lower and there are less tourists around so you will have a better opportunity to see the real Zanzibar.