Airport Transfers

Getting to The Zanzibari takes one hour from Zanzibar Airport and the road is tarmac for the majority of the journey. We can provide transport to and from the airport – each car can take up to 6 people. If it is your first trip to Zanzibar you might be surprised to find donkeys, cows and chickens crossing the road as well as people hanging from the local taxis called “Dallah Dallahs” – the journey is an experience in it’s own right!

If you wish to fly to Zanzibar directly there are the following options:

Flights to Zanzibar

  • 1Time offers cheap flights from Johannesburg
  • KLM flies daily, from many parts of the world
  • Condor (from Germany with connection flights to West Europe)
  • South African Airways (from Johannesburg)
  • During high season (July, August, December) there are charter flights from Italy and Spain

Connections to Dar Es Salaam

  • Either with connection flights (20 min flight, from $60 per person).
  • Or by ferry boat (2-3 hours, at $35 per person). The last ferry to Zanzibar leaves Dar Es Salaam at 15:45 hrs.