Throughout history Zanzibar has been an international gateway attracting visitors and settlers from Europe and the Middle East creating a unique cultural mix with the people of Africa. As a result, Zanzibar has a diverse culture that makes tourism there a rich, multicultural experience.


Swahili is the national language of Tanzania but many residents also speak English and Arabic – you will be able to get your point across with no trouble at all! The music, clothing, religion, and social interaction in Zanzibar reflect the historical influences of different peoples in this coastal region. With African, Arab, and even British influences on architecture and culture, Zanzibar has an international flair that gives this holiday and vacation destination a special uniqueness.


Zanzibar boasts tourism as one of its major industries and there is a strong culture of hospitality. The residents are mostly farmers and fishermen, bringing a rustic element to the local atmosphere – the residents take great pride in the beauty and cultural dimension of Zanzibar.


As a result, the hotels in Zanzibar have warm and friendly staff members who are knowledgeable of the history of their homeland as well as the most exquisite tourist attractions. The people of Zanzibar will make your holiday a trip to remember!